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Centovalli - Valle Vigezzo (Book)

The railway, the countryside, the people
Authors: Carlo Weder, Peter Pfeiffer

Those who rush to explore the South Seas will never discover the Centovalli and the Valle Vigezzo. These valleys have never been part of the main traffic flow; they connect Ticino with Fondo Toce in Italy, or in other words the Gottard Axis with that of the Simplon.

Thanks to their isolation and unusual topography - the name "Centovalli" reminds us of the many small valleys which cut into the jagged sides of this region - they have preserved their traditional alpine culture.

In no other place do we find so many picturesque villages, preserved in their original state. Also unique of its kind is the narrow-gauge railway which makes the two valleys accessible and connects the towns of Locarno and Domodossola.

After twenty years of planning and construction, the railway was opened in 1923 and since then has played an important role both for regional traffic and for travellers in transit from Ticino to the French part of Switzerland, Bern or the Bernese Oberland. It is also used by tourists who consider it to be a real mountain railway - and in fact it reaches more than 1100 metres in height difference - in a landscape in parts both wild and picturesque. This book describes both the Centovalli and the Valle Vigezzo in words and pictures, as natural and cultural landscapes which extend beyond political borders. On the way between Locarno and Domodossola there are villages to visit where habits, customs and cultural treasures of the past are preserved, which are not out of place in modern life. The side valleys and the mountains which flank the main valleys demonstrate the variety of landscapes of the Centovalli and Valle Vigezzo.

A chapter of the book is dedicated to the railway in the valleys where the story of planning, construction and operation happened: it is all completed by photographs and images, some not previously published.

The landscape and its story
The international narrow-gauge railway through the Centovalli
Locarno-Domodossola: travel in comfort through an exceptional cultural landscape
Locarno: not only the starting point of the Centovalli railway
Pedemonte: the sun at the gateway to the Ticinese valleys
Centovalli: through a hundred valleys to the border
Valle Vigezzo: the pre-alpine high plain rich in culture
Domodossola: rail and road hub with its own attraction
Information, museums, activities, maps, excursions guide
Suggestions for trips and excursions

(C) AS Verlag & Buchkonzept SA, Zurigo 1997
Foreword by Dirk Meyer, engineer
languages: Italian and German

Centovalli - Valle Vigezzo
128 pages
Coloured pictures

Centovalli (dvd)

An exceptional journey awaits you. The film takes you on a breathtaking route: the most attractive way directly from the Gottard to the Simplon, over 83 bridges and through 34 tunnels.

The landscape is as wild and enchanting as are the romantic villages where time seems to have stood still.

Expect striking images in a journey through nostalgia and romanticism.

(C) 1998, from CREATIV VIDEO, R.Suder D-82346 Frieding

50 Min.

Lago Maggiore Express (dvd)

The Lake Maggiore Express offers an unforgettable journey by train and boat. The daily round trip from Locarno via Centovalli, Domodossola, Stresa and back to Locarno can also start from Milan or Stresa/Arona.

A richly contrasting day awaits you. You will travel in both Ticino and Italy. With the Centovalli and Valle Vigezzo Railway you will travel for an hour and a half through wild and romantic landscapes, with perilous bridges, pure mountaion streams, vineyards, chestnut woods and villages clinging to the hillsides.

For three hours you will sail on Lake Maggiore, admiring the Borromean Islands, the castles at Cannero, the Brissago Islands, fascinating lake sides and picturesque villages.
You will discover not only villages but also well know resorts such as Stresa, Ascona and Locarno. Enjoy lunch on board (please reserve before departure) or choose one of the pleasant little restaurants.

Soak up the Mediterranean charm of Lake Maggiore and the Centovalli.

(C) 1998 by CREATIV VIDEO, R.Suder D-82346 Frieding

Lago Maggiore Express
50 Min.

The gold and silver medal ( Centovallina 75 years)

On 25 November 1923 the Centovalli Railway was inaugurated, and so started the rail service between Locarno and Domodossola, as an east-west connection on the southern side of the two Alpine crossings of Gottard and Simplon.

The work was carred out in Switzerland by the FART company and by the SSIF company in Italy. For the 75th anniversary, a limited number of silver and gold commemorative medals were coined. On one side of the medal is depicted an electric train ABe 4/6, in service from 1923, and the inscription "75 anni Centovallina - Ferrovia - Locarno - Domodossola". On the other side is shown the new logo of the railway with the two coats of arms of the Swiss and Italian flags.


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