An unforgettable experience

Everyone should experience a trip on the Centovalli Railway. The scenary is as extraordinary as the train route is amazing, with 83 bridges and 34 tunnels.

The route passes through the enchanting Centovalli (in heart of the Locarnese National Park Project's), a valley offering unspoiled nature, rocky mountains, spectacular waterfalls all framed by wonderful rich vegetation. During the journey we will take you through vineyards, chestnut woods and clearings, all coloured in the changing shades of the seasons, and through small villages lost in time.

An experience you can enjoy from a comfortable seat in the Centovalli train. A panoramic journey which will live on in your memory.

Route and height difference

Bridges and viaducts
There are 83 along the line: 47 in Switzerland and 36 in Italy.

The most important:
The stone bridge in the Valle d'Ingiustria.
The iron bridges at Camedo (Ruinacci) and Intragna (Isorno).
The bridges over the the Graglia and Margologio streams (Valle Vigezzo.
The concrete bridge over the Rio Antolova (Valle Vigezzo).

Length of the line: 52.183 km
Locarno - international border: 19.883 km
Domodossola - international border 32.300 km

Height differences, height above sea level
Locarno station: 204.43 a.s.l
Locarno lakeside: 195.50 a.s.l
Border: 552.04 a.s.l
Domodossola: 267.00 a.s.l
Highest station: 836.00 a.s.l. Santa Maria Maggiore

Maximum incline: 60‰
(FART: between Intragna and Verdasio, SSIF: between Masera and Santa Maria Maggiore)

Radius of curvature: min 60 m