Cable cars

The Centovalli region offers a vast network of hiking trails, which give the opportunity to explore the wildlife and the spectacular view of the valley, savoring its peculiarities.Some of these paths can be combined with the Centovalli Railway, as well as to the two cable cars operated by the company.
Both cable cars are in service from March to October (according to the official timetable).

Discover by train, cable car and walking the area of the Locarnese National Park Project.

Cable car Intragna - Pila - Costa

Intragna is the first and the main village of the Centovalli. It is the focal point for a hiking network of around 160 km, with paths leading to the Terre di Pedemonte, Centovalli and the Onsernone Valley, as well the Lake Maggiore. It is also the starting point of the cable car that leads to Costa. From here you can reach Alpe Selna (845 m), Alpe Dröi (1200 m) and the Monte Comino (1138 m).

The trails are at times difficult. The cable car ride from Intragna lasts 5 minutes (transport capacity : 4 passengers). You can reach Intragna with the Centovalli Railway (about 20 minutes from Locarno).

Combined tourist ticket: train + cable car

Cable car Verdasio - Rasa

Rasa is a typical village of the Centovalli, located at 898 m/s/m., and is not served by roads. It is only reachable by cable car or, for the most willing, on foot (about two hours' walk from Intragna). From Rasa you can take numerous walks and a stop at the "grotto" is recommended. The trip by cable car from Verdasio lasts 5 minutes (transport capacity: 8 passengers).

You can reach Verdasio with the Centovalli Railway (about 30 minutes from Locarno). A journey into the past to see the Ticino than once.

Combined tourist ticket: train + cable car