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The following objects and other small souvenirs are available for sale at the Biglietteria.

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The gold and silver medal ( Centovallina 75 years)

On 25 November 1923 the Centovalli Railway was inaugurated, and so started the rail service between Locarno and Domodossola, as an east-west connection on the southern side of the two Alpine crossings of Gottard and Simplon.

The work was carred out in Switzerland by the FART company and by the SSIF company in Italy. For the 75th anniversary, a limited number of silver and gold commemorative medals were coined. On one side of the medal is depicted an electric train ABe 4/6, in service from 1923, and the inscription "75 anni Centovallina - Ferrovia - Locarno - Domodossola". On the other side is shown the new logo of the railway with the two coats of arms of the Swiss and Italian flags.


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