Rolling Stock

Our railway uses rolling stock of different train types:

4 trains ABe 4/8 (Serie 45-48) "Centovalli Express", for the international route Locarno-Domodossola, of the 1993 and modernized in 2011.

The Centovalli Express trains connect with international routes and offer the following benefits: More seats: 119 per train (88 in second class, 31 in first class).

More comfort: increased luggage space, air-conditioning, LED indoor lighting, 80% of the train with lowered carriage floor.

More services: in first class, every seat is supplied with a computer socket and has a personal reading-lamp.

Seat reservation is available also for individual travellers (in either first or second class).

3 trains ABe 4/6 (Serie 52-54) of the 1993, for the local line Locarno-Camedo;

2 electric trains ABDe 6/6 (n.31 "Ticino" and n.32 "Berna") of the 1963, for special trips, reinforcement and displace activity for the local and the international lines;

4 wagons, among them A 120 (first class) and B 121-123 (second class) used like trailer with electric trains ABDe 6/6 FART and ABe 8/8 SSIF

"Tramin" Be 2/2 n.7 (1908), former Tranvie Etettiche Locarnesi (TEL)

A diesel tractor for line maintenance, kind Tm 2/2 n.9.



Area of service - Centovalli
Lines: 1 train line
Total line in km: 19.2 km (to Camedo)