Getting around with only one ticket.

Arcobaleno is the gateway to public transport in Ticino and the district of Moesano.
The Arcobaleno Integrated Fare was introduced on 1.9.2012 and it is valid for all the transport companies of the regional fare network (CTA).

The F.A.R.T. is also one of CTA Companies.
For the Centovalli Railway, only the Locarno-Camedo route.

The logic behind the Arcobaleno pass has now been extended to tickets: it is no longer necessary to purchase a ticket for single journeys (e.g. Locarno - Lugano), but rather a ticket for one or several zones that you can use to travel freely on all the means of public transport within the given validity period. Changing from one means of transport to another using only one ticket.

Here you find a complete overview of the
Arcobaleno Tickets:

Single ticket
for occasional journeys.

Short journey ticket
for short journeys.

Multi-journey travelcard
6 journeys for the price of 5.

1-day travelcard
for travelling freely all day.

Multi-day travelcard
6 cards for the price of 5.

Add-on ticket
for extending your journey.

Group ticket
for groups of at least 10 people.

Class upgrade ticket
for travelling in greater comfort.

Multi-class upgrade ticket
6 tickets for the price of 5.

Ape card

The Ape card is a method of payment that can be used to purchase all Arcobaleno Tickets.It allows you to pay for your ticket without cash or credit card at the Arcobaleno ticket machines and on buses with tills.
It allows you to save up to 14% thanks to free credit when the card is recharged.

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